A TALK: Who wants to live forever?

What is aging? And how can aging be slowed down?

This lecture will take you on a tour through the science of human aging and will touch upon skin and cardiovascular aging processes, including their physical symptoms. And how our choices affect the aging process.

Every morning when we take a look in the mirror, we are reminded of the skin wrinkling and sagging, which increases with each passing year.

Sometimes we wish that we could halt this aging process and maintain a permanent youthful look with an elastic skin well into old age. The cosmetic industry plays on this hope, offering creams, powders and capsules that promise a reduction of our wrinkles and an enhancement of our skin elasticity.

But do these products really work? What actually happens during the aging process? How much is aging impacted by smoking or sunbathing? And what can we ourselves do to slow down aging, both in our skin and inside our bodies? This lecture will take you on a tour through the science of human aging.

Meet the scientist:

Andrea Heinz is a student at KBH Yoga and works as an Associate Professor at the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. She studied Pharmacy at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany. Before coming to Denmark in 2016, she worked in Finland and New Zealand, where she obtained her PhD in Pharmacy. Her research sheds light on skin and cardiovascular aging, with particular focus of the core protein of elastic fibers, elastin.

When: Saturday April 29th. from 14:00 – 15:00

Free entrance

Limited spaces. Book already today at info@kbhyoga.dk

The talk will be held in english. Andrea speaks and understand danish, so the Q&A will both be in english and danish.

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